This Digital Asset Management System is specially designed to professionally manage digital assets.

🌟 And best of all, you don't need any prior knowledge!

It is based on Dublin Core VRA Core 4, a data standard for the description of works of visual culture. Easily adaptable to other metadata standards. We also use ISAD-G and a crosswalk template for easy data interchange between different standards.

With this template, you can easily manage the descriptive metadata of all your digital assets, without the need for complicated and expensive tools.

Are you a digital object collection manager? Then this solution is perfect for you! Our system includes a methodology for managing a scalable digital platform, based on recognized international industry standards.

In addition, we have incorporated open source applications and scripts for file metadata management, giving you even more flexibility and options to customize your experience.


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**Get Light DAM PRO version**


<aside> <img src="/icons/run_orange.svg" alt="/icons/run_orange.svg" width="40px" /> Do you manage digital collections for a company or organization? Light DAM is your best choice! Our system allows you to create a scalable, easy-to-manage platform to store and organize all types of digital files, following international standards. With Light DAM, your teams will be able to access the required assets from anywhere and share information in a simple way. In addition, we have a proven methodology to quickly classify content according to your needs.


<aside> <img src="/icons/run_orange.svg" alt="/icons/run_orange.svg" width="40px" /> Are you an artist and want to organize your artwork efficiently? Do you have an extensive collection that you want to manage professionally?

Light DAM is the ideal solution for you. Our system allows you to manage metadata, files and property rights in a simple and accessible way, without the need for expensive additional tools. We have a method based on international standards so you can control your artistic catalog. With Light DAM you will have all your information and images ready to be sent to art galleries or online sales platforms instantly.


<aside> <img src="/icons/magic-wand_orange.svg" alt="/icons/magic-wand_orange.svg" width="40px" /> An ideal solution for digital object collection managers




🎖️ Your catalog is always online and updated in real time

🎖️ You don't need to create a website to have your catalog online

🎖️ Versions for computers and mobile devices iOS and Android

🎖️ Access and editing permissions management

🎖️ User management

🎖️ Customizable tool

🎖️ Based on Dublin Core, ITPC, GPS…

🎖️ Easily adaptable to other metadata standards

🎖️ Ability to create databases in an organized and flexible manner

🎖️ Works with lists and tables for time optimization

🎖️ Integration with collaborative work applications through the API

🎖️ Allows you to focus on the activity that you want to prioritize

🎖️ Hundreds of templates available to manage your activity

🎖️ Scalable to thousands of records

🎖️ Fully customizable


Compare versions

Free Version

🎖️ Based on Dublin Core, ITPC & GPS

🎖️ 20 metadata fields

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**Get Light DAM PRO version**


Pro Version

🎖️ 48 metadata fields

🎖️ Dual-language dataset

🎖️ Conservation notes

🎖️ Based on VRA Core 4, Dublin Core, ITPC, ISAD-G, GPS…

🎖️ Dashboard & Private area

🎖️ Complete documentation

🎖️ Metadata editing methodology

🎖️ Software for metadata editing

🎖️ Software for mass metadata embedding

🎖️ Discord server access for support

🎖️ Lifetime updates and many more.

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