This Digital Asset Management system is specially designed to efficiently and systematically administer digital assets.

It is based on the VRA Core 4 standard and the Dublin Core standard for the description of visual cultural resources. Its flexible structure allows it to be easily adapted to other metadata standards.

With this template, descriptive metadata for all digital assets can be easily managed without the need for complex or costly tools. It provides an efficient solution for the administration and description of digital content.

For those responsible for digital collections, this system offers a suitable solution for administering a scalable platform based on internationally recognized standards.

Additionally, it incorporates open source applications and scripts for metadata management, providing additional options for customization and flexibility in the user experience. The goal is to effectively meet customer needs.


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Do you manage digital collections for a company or organization?

Are you an artist and want to organize your artwork efficiently? Do you have an extensive collection that you want to manage professionally?

<aside> <img src="/icons/magic-wand_orange.svg" alt="/icons/magic-wand_orange.svg" width="40px" /> An ideal solution for digital object collection managers


<aside> <img src="/icons/magic-wand_orange.svg" alt="/icons/magic-wand_orange.svg" width="40px" /> Includes Open Source applications for file metadata management


<aside> <img src="/icons/magic-wand_orange.svg" alt="/icons/magic-wand_orange.svg" width="40px" /> Includes a methodology for managing a scalable digital platform, based on international standards




🎖️ Your catalog is always online and updated in real time

🎖️ You don't need to create a website to have your catalog online

🎖️ Versions for computers and mobile devices iOS and Android

🎖️ Access and editing permissions management

🎖️ User management

🎖️ Customizable tool

🎖️ Based on VRA Core 4, also uses Dublin Core, ITPC, ISAD-G, GPS…

🎖️ Dual-language dataset EN-ES. Easily changeable to others

🎖️ Easily adaptable to other metadata standards

🎖️ Ability to create databases in an organized and flexible manner

🎖️ Works with lists and tables for time optimization

🎖️ Integration with collaborative work applications through the API

🎖️ Allows you to focus on the activity that you want to prioritize

🎖️ Hundreds of templates available to manage your activity

🎖️ Scalable to thousands of records

🎖️ Fully customizable


Notion features

Everything in one place: Notion allows you to integrate text, lists, databases, calendars, image galleries and more, to have all the information in one place.

➜ Customizable design: Workspaces can be customized by changing colors, adding icons, background images…

➜ Content editors: Features rich text editors, mathematical formulas, tables and other tools to create content visually and interactively.

Search function: Global search, database search, tag search, date search... Optimized to search for information easily and quickly within a single workspace, even when you have many pages and databases.

Integrations and APIs: You can integrate with other applications such as Google Drive, Slack, GitHub, etc. to expand your functionality.

File integration: You can integrate files from Drive, Dropbox, Figma and other services to have all content together without leaving Notion.

Flexible databases: Custom databases can be created to organize and relate information the way you want. It is possible to add several types of views such as calendar, gallery, table…

➜ Shared workspaces: Allows you to collaborate in real time with other users and teams, sharing workspaces. Access and permissions can be controlled.

➜ Formulas and properties: Databases support special properties such as date, number, multiple selection, relationship and formulas to create dynamic views.

➜ Available on web, desktop and mobile: Notion can be accessed from any device with a unified user experience.

Real-time collaboration: Multiple users can collaborate simultaneously on documents and databases in Notion. You can comment, mention other users, assign tasks and work as a team in a real-time environment.

User access control: You can restrict access to certain parts as well as share editing with your team of collaborators up to 100 guests.

Change history: You can access all changes made to each page for up to 30 days.

IA: Work faster! Generate summaries, action items and information. Write better. Rewrite documents for clarity and efficiency.

Security and privacy: Your safety, security and privacy are our top priority, using TLS encryption and client-side encryption.


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